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Our services are useful for hydro power, because who work in the sector need to know how much snow there is upstream the settlements and how much energy they will produce in the future. We take our data from meteo stations, measurements of the snow and weather forecasts. Our services are then useful for civil protection and public administration

Water Flow Rate

The water discharge of the rivers is the result of the water’s routing coming from different sources of water, then snow and rain. We have an equation to illustrate this better:

rain + snow melt –
(water transpiration + water evaporation) =
water discharge

Data about
the snow

Snow covers more than the 50% of northern hemisphere, and the Alps are considered the water tower of Europe, thanks to the snow. This group of mountains provides an important contribution to water discharge on the longest european rivers, then Danube, Rhein, Po and Rhone. This is why we think that the snow is an element that needs attention and saveguard

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We are a Team of engineers with core competence on GIS (Information System based on geography) and hydrology. We quantify and predict water availability, and we want to become the “Global Maps of Water”


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